In Honor of Harvest 2021

They’re finally here – the highly-anticipated return of the Nouveau wines!

Label for the 2021 Bubbly Nouveau

Bubbly Nouveau has become a seasonal favorite for many. The intensely fruity nouveau style represents a young wine produced to celebrate the end of harvest and the birth of that season’s vintage. Made in a “fresh” style, this wine is meant to be consumed promptly, while the flavors and aromas are at their most expressive.

This year’s vintage consists of 74% Cayuga and 26% Muscat. Flavors of apple, pear, and peach combine with bright aromas of mandarin orange and honeydew melon, making this sweet sparkler fun, light, and refreshing.

This is a celebratory wine, but don’t feel that New Year’s eve is the only place for bubbles. Try this sparkler with appetizers like festive cheese spreads and savory puff pastries, or pair it with fruit-based desserts. Because it’s sweet, it also pairs perfectly with salty snacks like popcorn and potato chips. For a fun alternative to a traditional Mimosa, try a “Nouveausa” instead. Just replace the orange juice with ruby red grapefruit juice.

Label for the 2021 Marquette Nouveau

Along with the Bubbly Nouveau, our red wine lovers can celebrate the harvest with the release of the Nouveau Marquette! Made with 100% Marquette grapes, this year’s vintage will excite the nose with aromas of black currant jam and cherry preserves, while notes of tart pomegranate and dried cranberries wash over the palate.

A dry, unoaked red, the Nouveau Marquette’s balanced acidity makes it easy to pair it with a myriad of foods, especially your Thanksgiving dishes. Keep in mind; this bright, young red is best enjoyed within the first year of bottling.

There is a limited supply of these seasonal wines, so be sure to get yours before they’re gone! Order online and receive 10% off one case (12 bottles), 15% off two cases, and 20% off three cases, plus free shipping on any order of six or more bottles.

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