5 Ways to Enjoy Black Star Farms at Home

Cure your quarantine blues with 5 ways to enjoy Black Star Farms in the comfort of your home. With our tasting rooms open (on select days) for curbside pick up and online orders only, our team has compiled some fun ideas to help you enjoy our products safely and ease your troubles in this time of uncertainty.

People tasting premium red wine in the members-only Barrel Room at Black Star Farms Suttons Bay.


Experiment with Food and Wine Pairings

Do you have some spare time on your hands to craft a delicious meal? If so, now would be the perfect time to experiment with food and wine pairings. Following are some of our suggestions.

Dipping bread into cheese fondue, one of the pairings suggested in this blog post.


Flex Your Creative Muscles and Craft Delicious Charcuterie Boards

The key to a memorable charcuterie board is having a good balance of flavors and textures, along with visually-appealing elements. Charcuterie can be a great lunch alternative, happy hour snack, or appetizer. Following is a simple list of elements to help you create a successful (and tasty) charcuterie board.

  • Meats – Some of our suggestions covering a wide range of flavors and textures are Prosciutto, Bresaola, Soppressata, and a creamy chicken liver mousse.
  • Cheese – We recommend selecting a combination of 3-5 kinds of cheese that fall into aged, firm, creamy, crumbly, and blue categories. Some of our go-to’s are Aged Cheddar, Leelanau Cheese Raclette, Triple Cream Brie, Chèvre (Goat Cheese), and Gorgonzola.
  • Crackers – Try our Black Star Farms House-Made Lentil Sea Salt or Sweet Potato Cashew Crackers.  Available to purchase online and in-store, curbside pick up.
  • Fresh Fruit – Apple slices aren’t just for kids! Choose your favorite apple and slice it thinly.  Fresh grapes and pears are also good choices.
  • Dried Fruit or Jam – In honor of our local agriculture, we recommend dried cherries or cherry jam. Fig or onion jam are also popular choices. Your favorite local honey is also a great option to add a little sweetness to your board.
  • Nuts – Important for taste and texture, we recommend gourmet nuts from Whitley’s Peanut Factory. They offer a variety of nuts and seasonings, from plain, salted, sweet and spicy. Available to purchase from our tasting room’s curbside service.
  • Flare – Spruce up your visual elements by adding a sprig of fresh thyme or rosemary, fresh basil leaves, or edible flowers.
  • Wine – Try a sparkling wine like our Bedazzled or 2018 Sparkling Riesling. Sparkling wines are versatile, refreshing, and will pair nicely with your charcuterie board creation. 
Charcuterie board with meat, cheese, and Black Star Farms house-made crackers.


Conduct Your Own Black Star Farms Wine Tasting

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy the Black Star Farms wine tasting experience from home. Select bottles of Black Star Farms wine that interest you from our online store to be delivered to your doorstep. Every couple of days, open a new bottle of wine and take notes of the aroma, flavors, and what you like/dislike about it. The next time you visit one of our tasting rooms, you will have feedback to give your server which makes it easier for us to recommend new wines.

All you will need is your favorite pajamas (the cozier, the better!), your favorite show, your favorite wine glass, a bottle of Black Star Farms wine, and something to jot your notes down on (optional). 

Person taking wine tasting notes.


Let Your Worries Melt Away with a Glass of Wine in Hand and Bubbles at Your Feet 

A great wine for an aromatherapy bubble bath is our 2018 Arcturos Gewürztraminer (off-dry). With fresh tangerine and apple flavors, this wine will refresh your palate, while scents of rose petals will add to the relaxing atmosphere around you. Try adding some complementary essential oils to your bath like lavender or ginger, to enhance the relaxation experience.

More of a red wine fan? Try our Red House Pinot Noir with your next indulgent soak. This medium-bodied, dry red wine offers flavors of cherry and cocoa with a hint of vanilla. Add vanilla and cinnamon bark essential oils to your bath to make the nuances of this wine stand out.

Soaking in a bubble bath with a glass of red wine.


Black Star Farms Stay-at-Home Date Night   

Bring the romantic evening to your doorstep with a bottle of bubbly, some chocolate covered strawberries, candles…you get the picture. We recommend our fun and playful Delighted sparkling wine.

Want a new spin on your at-home date night? Try creating a cultural theme that reminds you of a past vacation, or the getaway you have been dreaming of.

Mexican Fiesta – Woo your loved one with a colorful night in. Find an authentic Latin music station and order take-out from your favorite Mexican eatery. In place of a margarita, enjoy our 2017 Arcturos Semi-Dry Riesling. Consider decorating the room with vibrant colors to enhance the setting.

Night in Paris – This is the perfect time to test your charcuterie board skills! Locate some delicious French cheeses, a fresh baguette, some pâté, and champagne flutes. Dim the lights, put on some French café music, and toast with your significant other with our 2017 Blanc de Blanc.

Chocolate covered strawberries with glasses of sparkling wine.

These are just a handful of ideas to inspire you to enjoy a Black Star Farms experience at home. To make your experience even sweeter, we are offering free shipping on purchases of 6 or more bottles (no promo code is needed).

Make sure to tag us on Instagram or give us a shout out on Facebook, so we can see how you enjoy our products from home!

We look forward to seeing you soon. Until then, cheers to a sunny springtime and all the fun that comes with enjoying a glass (or two) of wine.

About the Writer, Olivia Kiel

As a Manager at the Old Mission Peninsula Tasting Room and blogger for Black Star Farms, I get the opportunity to write and learn about wine (two of my favorite things) every day. Over the years I’ve developed a passion for everything Black Star Farms by working alongside the company’s best and pouring its finest wines for guests from all over the world. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Ferris State University where I studied Writing and Business and have been a Northern Michigan resident for about three years. When I’m not pouring wine, you’ll likely find me with a good book, enjoying the outdoors, or tasting something new and exciting at a local winery. Thank you for reading my posts, and don’t hesitate to say hello next time you visit Black Star Farms Old Mission. Cheers!

Photo of Olivia Kiel Black Star Farms Blog writer and Old Mission tasting room manager.

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