A Graceful New Wine

Sallie Campbell had a way of leaving a profound impression upon others. Through her loving and encouraging heart, gentle spirit, and graceful demeanor, she endeared herself to those she met.

Putting others above herself was exemplified through her positive outlook, strength, faith, and devotion to family. This has served as a model for the Black Star Farms family culture. The laughter that filled the room around her was often accompanied by a fine wine made from grapes grown just outside the door.

Kerm and Sallie Campbell

When our winemaker suggested making a wine in her memory from her favorite vines, the family knew it would be a great way to carry on her zest for a life well-loved.

It had to be exquisite and memorable.

Introducing Grace, a wine dedicated to our founding matriarch and representing the qualities of character she exemplified. Coming from an incomparable vineyard on Old Mission Peninsula, this wine is a complex blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Gamay Noir, with a depth and elegance presented in Sallie’s manner, with Grace.

Four people toasting with red wine.

We invite you to enjoy our Grace and raise a glass in honor of your loved ones.

Available only at our two Traverse City area tasting rooms and online. We are continuing to offer free shipping on purchases of 6 or more bottles, no coupon code needed.

Label for the 2017 Grace.

Many hands holding dirt with sprouting greens.

Sustainable Savories
An Earth Day Dinner Celebration

Tonight, we dine in harmony with nature, embracing the essence of Earth Day. From farm to fork, our Earth Day dinner showcases the best of eco-friendly cuisine, proving that deliciousness and sustainability go hand in hand, highlighting the beauty of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.