Limited Wine, for a Limited Time

It’s February, which is cause for celebration because it means that we made it through the month of January. Usually reserved solely for our wine club members, this is the first and only time these wines have been made available to the public. What makes these wines so remarkable is a combination of vintage, limited production, winemaking techniques, and more.

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Label of Two Barrel Pinot Noir,

2016 Two Barrel Selection Pinot Noir
If you live locally, you are probably aware of our region’s less-than-favorable growing season in 2016. This was a difficult vintage for Pinot Noir, but our clever winemakers were up for the challenge. This wine was made entirely by hand and was aged in two carefully selected barrels, which created a more elevated wine. This Pinot Noir perfectly displays delicate red fruits, dried herbs, and flowers on the nose with a balanced barrel spice from mature French oak and a lingering finish. If this sounds like your “cup of tea (wine?),” don’t wait to pick up a bottle.

Label for Isidor's Choice Pinot Noir.

2017 Isidor’s Choice Pinot Noir
Unlike the previous year, 2017 blessed us with a phenomenal growing season, which is evident in this Pinot Noir harvested solely from the Isidor’s Choice Vineyard. Nestled in the southern part of Leelanau county, Isidor’s Choice continues to produce quality fruit year after year. This wine is balanced with vibrant fruit and a spicy complexity that comes from time in the barrel. It pairs beautifully with bold lamb dishes, cassoulet, and duck confit. If you are looking to try a Michigan version of what the French call Burgundy, make sure to purchase a bottle from the few cases we have remaining.

Label of Peninsula Hills Merlot.

2016 Peninsula Hills Merlot
Since the birth of Black Star Farms, we have been growing Merlot and are among the oldest producers of the varietal in the area. Our tenured experience with this grape variety resulted in making this Merlot a showstopper. This wine shows lush black fruit flavors punctuated with hints of dark cocoa and subtle spice. If you are looking for a slightly fuller-bodied wine than Pinot Noir, look no further. The Peninsula Hills Merlot drinks with all the elegance of a fine, old-world red at a fraction of the price.

Label of 2016 Leorie Cabernet Franc.

2016 Leorie Vineyard Cabernet Franc
This wine is a special bottling from one of our finest vineyards on the Old Mission Peninsula. The Leorie Vineyard has over 30 years of producing fruit under its belt. A general rule is the older the vine, the better the wine. Older vines tend to yield more evenly ripened and balanced grapes, which results in more structured wines. That being said, you will find a concentration of dark berry fruit, a coffee-like spiciness, and complimentary oak on the finish. It is full-bodied and rich when sipped on its own but also pairs well with hearty fare.

2017 IC C 300x300 1

2017 Isidor’s Choice Chardonnay
Another opulent wine from the Isidor’s Choice Vineyard is this stunning Chardonnay. This wine is full-bodied without being overly oaked due to a great vintage and thoughtful aging in French oak. It has a perfect balance of toast and spice with aromas of baked apples. On the palate, hints of vanilla and caramel reminiscent of crème brûlée are followed by a smooth, rich finish. A creamy, complex Chardonnay such as this merits seafood dishes such as linguini with clams or lobster risotto.

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