Raise a Glass for National Bubbly Day

Happy June, vino lovers! What better way to kick off the beginning of this month than with some bubbles? It just so happens that this Saturday, June 5, is National Bubbly Day, and we at Black Star Farms love bubbles! Celebrate this holiday with us the fun way, and stock up on sparkling wine so you too can pop bottles all weekend long. Cheers!

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Star label for the Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine.

2017 Blanc de Blanc
This bubbly is for people who enjoy wine with complex aromas and flavors. The complexity found in this dry wine results from extended time on the yeast and in the bottle. Aging “en tirage” allows a superb flavor known as “goût de champagne” to develop in the wine. Although this is a labor-intensive and therefore expensive process, it is the only means of achieving this flavor. Made with 100% Chardonnay, the Blanc de Blanc exhibits toasty aromas (think freshly toasted brioche bread) and subtle flavors of Meyer lemon, green apple, and Bartlett pear. This sparkling wine has the classic characteristics of a true Champagne produced in that region of France.

Blushed 300x300 1

2018 Blushed
This sparkling wine was made from a blend of white and red grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Marquette. Like the Blanc de Blanc, the Blushed was made in the Traditional Champagne Method. With only .5% residual sugar, this bubbly rosé is dry and crisp. The fine bubbles make for a texture that is both exciting and refined. Flavors of red raspberries, Montmorency cherries, and lemon tart burst open on your palate. Enjoy this wine with cream-based dishes, soft, rich cheeses, and for a surprising twist, serve it with fried chicken!

Label for the Bedazzled Sparkling Wine.

A balanced but unpretentious bubbly perfect for everyday celebrations, the flavor profile of the BeDazzled is brighter than most sparklers, which makes it beautifully refreshing. Fresh, crisp fruit flavors will dance on your palate, followed by a delightfully dry finish. The bubbles are delicate enough to keep this wine vibrant on the tongue, and the sweetness level is kept to a minimum to maintain its versatility with food.

Sparkling RS 300x300 1

2018 Sparkling Riesling
A dry wine produced with Riesling grapes, this sparkling wine possesses the classic Riesling flavors of apple and pears. Bolstered by the effervescence, this wine has a dazzling acidity that dances along your tastebuds. Hints of minerality make the finish on this bubbly crisp and clean, keeping your palate fresh and ready for sip after sip!

Delighted 300x300 1

The Delighted is one of our most popular wines among sweet vino lovers. It has aromas and flavors reminiscent of strawberry jam and cotton candy. Made from 100% Frontenac Gris, this sparkling wine beautifully showcases the fruity nature of this cold-hardy grape. The bubbles keep this wine feeling light and airy on the palate. Easily enjoyed on its own, the Delighted also pairs well with desserts – try it with a lemon ricotta cheesecake!

Chef plating a wild mushroom dish.

More-L’s Than Anyone!

Luxurious Morel & Mushroom Wine Dinner!

Luxuriate in a lavish lineup of libations linked with lush, locally sourced morels!

Linger longer at this lovely landmark event with our legendary Winemaker, Lee Lutes who will lead us through a luminous landscape of layered flavors! Latch up tickets via the link!