Winter Wine Ideas

Now that everyone has had a couple of weeks to settle into the new year, we thought it was a perfect time to give you a little “new year, new me” energy boost. Whether it’s trying a new vintage, new varietal, or just a new way to enjoy sipping on our favorites, nothing energizes and excites the Black Star team quite like wine. We’ve compiled a list of some fun wine-related activities that will hopefully inspire you and maybe have you excited to try something new.

Glass and bottle of red wine in the snow.

Outdoor Winter Party

Since we are located in Northern Michigan, it’s almost a requirement for residents and visitors alike to find ways to enjoy the great outdoors; yes, even in winter! That said, maybe one of your goals for the new year was to get outside more, but you’re having a hard time finding the motivation to brave the cold. We have found the perfect solution to your winter woes. Call up your “social pod” and invite them over for a socially distanced gathering right in your own backyard. Outdoor barbecues don’t have to be reserved strictly for summer, so suit up in your warmest winter gear, start up the grill, light a bonfire, and pour a glass of your favorite wine. We like to warm up with a hearty red wine, like our Vintners Select or Cabernet Franc, or with a steaming mug of mulled Cherry Wine prepared over the fire. Drinking wine outside counts as being outdoorsy, right? If you cannot host a bonfire, stop by either of our Traverse City area tasting rooms for a glass of wine around one of our fire pits!

Mulled wine in a pot heating over a bonfire.

Savasana and Sip

After gorging ourselves on holiday food, many of us have resolved to better our physical health in 2021. What are we trying, you ask? Yoga and wine, of course! One of the most significant benefits of yoga is how it brings your mind and body into sync with one another and opens and heightens all the senses. After a good yoga session, your mind, nose, and taste buds are perfectly primed to taste wine and truly soak in all the flavors and aromas. A dear friend to us and yogi extraordinaire, Becky Kalajian, said it best: “There is a natural link between yoga and wine. Both support your immune system and make you feel great!” Becky, who hosts Yoga in the Vines experiences at Black Star Farms during the summer, went on to say, “People love coming to Yoga in the Vines because of this natural relationship between the two. They slow down their bodies and brains with breathing and movement, then enjoy an award-winning glass of wine with friends or family. There’s nothing better!”  Practice your savasana and sipping by trying a virtual yoga class, then enjoying some wine in the comfort of your living room. We recommend our recently-released 2019 Dry Riesling. It will surely indulge all of your senses with its intense aromatics and bright fruit characteristics. Cheers and Namaste!

Yoga and Wine Square

Movie Night

Ok, so maybe not a new activity, but one we can all get into.  With all the great shows and movies hitting streaming platforms recently, we recommend getting out the comfy pillows, tasty snacks, and of course, wine! Try the Barrel Aged Chardonnay with a bowl of buttered popcorn or the Bedazzled or Sparkling Riesling with a bag of your favorite potato chips. If you have kids at home, pick them up a bottle of sparkling juice to enjoy while you sip on your “adult grape juice.” Besides our large selection of wines, we also have sparkling raspberry and white grape juice available for purchase in our tasting rooms if you need to stock up for yourself and the kids. Happy binge-watching!

Bowl of popcorn with white wine.

Summer Wine & Workshop Series

Ready to level up your charcuterie game? Make something new and cool?! Join us at Bistro Polaris for a morning of mouthwatering bites, interactive instruction, and, of course, wine! Don’t miss out on the fun tips and tasty tricks with Chef Leah!