375 ml. 80 Proof (Plum Brandy)
Plum brandy is consumed throughout Europe, especially in the Slavic regions of Central and Eastern Europe where it is known as Slivovitz . Made in the traditional European style this brandy is clear in color and is a complete representation of the fruit it was distilled from.

Flavor and Aroma:
Spirit of Plum is produced from the damson plum, which has small, deeply colored fruit and bright aromatics. It is a type of fruit grown throughout northern Michigan and was originally planted here for color and flavor in Gerber products. It is the traditional fruit grown in the old country. The aromatics are reminiscent of violets, raisins and other dried fruits. In the first sip you will taste the strength of the alcohol, then followed by the essence of the fruit. The finish is smooth, elegant and very pleasing.

Price: $27.50

Thoughts for Food:
As with most brandies we recommend serving this one following a meal, as it will serve as a digestif. This brandy is also a very nice complement to Eastern European inspired desserts that usually involve assorted fruit fillings, buttery crusts, and dried fruits or nuts. Chefs should also consider this brandy, like most eaux de vie, as a flavorful supplement to elegant sauces, chutneys, relishes and purees.

Gold: 2011 Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition