New Releases Not To Miss

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We have some exciting announcements to share with you this month. Our winery team has been busy after the holidays bottling and labeling a couple of first-time releases that will definitely pique your interest.

Plus, to help keep those celebratory holiday vibes going through January, we are offering an incredible deal on our Bedazzled Sparkling Wine. Read on to learn more.

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Experimental Orange
As the name alludes, our very first orange wine was an experimental project born from our winemakers’ curious minds and adventurous spirits.

So what is orange wine? It is not made from oranges as you might presume but instead labeled as such due to its orange hue that results from an ancient winemaking technique that dates back 6,000 years.

Unlike modern-day white wines, where grape skins are removed before fermentation, orange wine is made with white grapes that are fermented with the skins—this extended contact with the skins results in the wines’ unique color and flavor profile.

Made from the juice of Pinot Gris grapes and fermented with the skins of Gewürztraminer grapes, you can expect to find honeyed aromas of stone fruit, citrus, and white lilies followed by notes of dried herbs, dried apricot, and orange peel on the palate giving this wine characteristics, unlike other conventional white wines we drink.

With only 75 cases produced, don’t delay adding this adventurous wine to your cellar!

Label for the Solstice Riesling.

2020 Arcturos Solstice Riesling
As the name implies, the grapes for this wine were harvested on the winter solstice in 2020.  Although plans were to use this fruit to make ice wine, Mother Nature had another thing in mind. So our winemaking team had to quickly pivot and find another way to use this fruit.

Because these grapes had been left to hang on the vine for ice wine production, they had ripened to the last possible moment, making them more concentrated than if they had been harvested earlier in the season. The fermentation time for the juice was extended, resulting in a wine that is higher in alcohol (13%) and lower in residual sugar (6%) yet still showing the intensity found in ice wine.

Richer than our Late Harvest Riesling but lighter than our Winter Harvest Riesling, the Solstice Riesling expresses enticing aromas of citrus and white flowers, followed by ripe, complex flavors of peach, mandarin, and melon on the palate.

Treat yourself to this new “winter” delight today!

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We have an unbeatable deal for those who want to keep the bubbles going through January. Purchase ten bottles of any wine and get two bottles of Bedazzled for only $1! Use promo code BEDAZZLED at check-out, or stop by one of our tasting rooms to fill up a case.

Please note wine club and case discounts will not apply to the two bottles of Bedazzled but will apply to the other ten bottles. This offer is good through January 31, 2023.

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Sustainable Savories
An Earth Day Dinner Celebration

Tonight, we dine in harmony with nature, embracing the essence of Earth Day. From farm to fork, our Earth Day dinner showcases the best of eco-friendly cuisine, proving that deliciousness and sustainability go hand in hand, highlighting the beauty of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.